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Oral History of QLYC

Published Sat 04 Mar 2023

Stories of the Queenscliff Lonsdale Yacht Club

Interviews by Ian Campbell February 2023

Bill Reynolds was Trained as an Architect and practiced in Queenscliff for many years. Raised two families in Queenscliff and now lives in Hobart Tasmania.

Topics: Transition from SBBC to QLYC, early dinghy sailing, the 1950s as a 13year old.


Alan Cayzer: Boat Builder and Marina Manager. current Honorary Life Member, Son of Aston Cayzer. The Cayzer family have a long tradition of boatbuilding in Queenscliff.

Topic:    The competitive edge, Alan and other former club champions and the changing culture that brought about the transition from SBBC to QLYC


Brian Golland: Honorary Life Member, Accountant, Former Commodore and Captain

Topics: Part 1 Background in coaching, moved to Queenscliff in the early 90s as part of the Melbourne to Queenscliff sea change

Part 2 Joining the committee and progressing the club as Commodore. Meeting Jill and the Revival and the transition of the club


Chris Laker: Trained and practiced as an Engineer. Son of a Former Mayor. Raised in Queenscliff, started sailing in 1956 on a Gwen 12 at the age of 15. Later sailed a moth scow.

Topic: People who made the club and changing style of boats


David Golightly: Builder and Plumber, Son of our current Life Governor Jack Golightly. Sailed in the early 70s built a 125 with his father.      

Topic: Early days of fun on Swan Bay


Colin Bishop: Former School Teacher, whose father was the formerly Principal of Queenscliff High school who started a boat building course. Colin is a former club champion and current Honorary Life Member.

Topic:     Changes and characters at the club


Bob Mayne: Career Fire Fighter Former Commodore, who had a number of yachts, Former club Champion and current Honorary Life Member.

Topic: People who formed the club, role of committees

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