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Jack Beazley – a life well lived! 8th June 1929 – 26 February 2024 Most of Queenscliff knows of Jack Beazley, an identity to be remembered with stories that would fill an encyclopedia of life in the old town and its heritage back through his parentage in the mid 1800’s. Jack lived his life to the full, as a youngster around his favourite place in Queenscliff and through his whole life around fishing, boat building, sailing and as a professional Sea Pilot.


With a Community Grant from The Borough of Queenscliffe and our club infrastructure fund, we have been able to purchase this lifter for the boat shed to help with lowering and lifting canoes from the storage racks.

Equipment Auditors

Equipment Auditors AS members can accredit by registering and completing the free Club Equipment Auditor (CEA) online course.

Oral History of QLYC

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the clubhouse on Swan Bay, current Club Captain Ian Campbell interviewed several of our past commodores and some life members, to gather stories of the past.Stories of the Queenscliff Lonsdale Yacht Club Interviews by Ian Campbell February 2023 Bill Reynolds. Alan Cayzer, Brian Golland, Chris Laker, Colin Bishop and Bob Mayne

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