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Old Race Reports


Race Reports 2020-21

Please see the page “Recent Race Results and Reports” and click on the “Rep” alongside the race concerned.


Sailing activities Winter 2020

7 June 2020  Winter Cruise no. 1.


Race Reports 2019-20

22 February 2020 Channels Race and Cec Anderson 3.  And a replay here.
25 January 2020   Cec Anderson Race 1.  And replay here.
18 January 2020   Lady Skippers Trophy.
11 January 2020   Commodore’s Cup.

The Queenscliff Cup 2020 – This is a QCYC race in which several QLYC boats competed.  See QCYC website, but the RaceQs replays are linked below (remember to click the crossed flags from fly-out menu to see marks of the course):-    RaceQs replay of races 1 and 2    RaceQs replay of races 3 and 4

28 December 2019 Champagne Stern-chaser.  Report and replay on RaceQs. Note “finish line” was defined by where vessels were at 15.30.

14 December 2019 Ray Maki 6 report and a replay here.
23 November 2019 Festival Race: Report and a Replay.
16 November 20219 Ray Maki 3 Report.

12 October 2019 Ray Maki 1 abandoned.  Sundance, Boomaroo, Tiercel, Drizabone, Warrior and Valentine signed on, and all but Drizabone started in a good wind.  This took the fleet around most of the new course 13, with Valentine in the lead followed by Tiercel.  However, the wind died just after the ebb tide got going and Tiercel led a procession of retirements.  Thanks to Ian Campbell, Ian McKenzie and Graeme Frankpitt for service on Swan.


Race reports Winter 2019

15 September 2019 Winter Race 5.
25 August 2019 Aborted Winter 4
21 July 2019 Winter Race 3
21 July 2019 Winter Race 3  RaceQs replay.
16 June 2019 Winter Race 1


Race reports 2018-19 (from most recent at the top)

13 April 2019 Cec Anderson 6
23 March 2019 Maritime Weekend race.
16 March 2019 Ray Maki 6.
2 March 2019 Cec Anderson 4
23 February 2019 Cec Anderson 3.
16 February 2019 Cec Anderson 2.
2 February 2019 Cec Anderson 1.
26 January 2019 Commodore’s Cup.
19 January 2019 Lady Skippers’ Race. 
12 January 2019 Cole Cup to Portsea.
5 January 2019 Channels Race.
29 December 2018 Champagne Sternchaser.
15 December 2018 Attempted Ray Maki 6 and Club BBQ.
8 December 2018 Mud Island.
1 December 2018  Irwin Trophy
24 November 2018 Ray Maki 3 combined with Festival Race.
17 November 2018 Ray Maki 5.
11 November 2018 Ray Maki 4.
3 November 2018 Goorangai Day
21 October 2018 Ray Maki 2.
13 October 2018 Ray Maki 1.


Race reports 2017-18

27 January 2018 Commodores Cup
10 March 2018 Cec Anderson 5
17 March 2018 Cec Anderson 3
24 March 2018 Special
31 March 2018 Sternchaser and Cec 4

No reports for the Winter 2018 series, but below is a view of part of “Winter 5” on 16 Sept. 2018.  Not drunk at the helm but vagaries of wind (dramatic shift NW to SW) and tide in getting around Swan Spit and to QA.

Winter 5 Capture


Archive of reports from 2011 to 2018 via Webmaster’s Google Drive.

Replays on Race Qs

Here are links to RaceQs for replays of some of our races. Note the behaviour of this site depends greatly on your device and the browser it uses – and it is fairly demanding of computer processing power. Firefox and Safari may work better than Google Chrome and on slow computers it’s not recommended.  To enjoy Race Qs, you need to experiment by opening the menus from the left hand side (Not every link here offers this option), find the “vs” button and look for 2nd vessel (if any) also (last) hit the crossed flags to reveal the marks of the course.  Then choose the replay speed, up to 64 times.  As warned, it is a temperamental site.  Skippers who take a smartphone or tablet to sea are encouraged to “download the app” and  log on for races.

Here’s an old one but good one, the Channels race of 2014.

A more recent race with 3 vessels logged in: Sundance, Valentine and Tiercel in the  Cec Anderson 1. race on 2nd February 2019.  Note Sundance going like a rocket and Tiercel weighed back in the strong tide by hull fouling.

Commodore’s Cup, 26 January 2019.  Note the strong tides with high SOG with flood and slow sailing against it.

Champagne Sternchaser 29 December 2018.  See how the sternchaser ought to work as Sundance catches Tiercel at the scheduled finish time of 15.30.  But laying a finish line distorts the result.

Irwin Trophy – 1st December 2018; Sundance and Tiercel find a hole in the wind mid-race; also zooming out should reveal most of the fixed marks we use in our courses – provided you open the menu on the left and click the crossed flags.

and a fierce Tiercel / Valentine battle 24 March 2018

and for Sundance chasing down Tiercel on a day of wind shifts – September 4th 2016

and another Valentine /Tiercel battle on 17 March 2018

Three vessels in Cec Anderson 4 on 2nd March 2019

The Maritime Festival Race.  March 23rd 2019.  Note Tiercel stalled in tide (as was Boomaroo) from 15.00 to 15.15, as others, who just made it round the buoy before the calm, race off down-tide.

Cec Anderson 6.  Last race (13 April 2019) for the aggregate trophy.  Another race of more tide than wind.  This time it’s Tiercel Sundance and Imagine logged in.

Winter Race 3 on 21 July 2019 (showing Tiercel and Sundance).

Winter Race 5 on 15 September 2019 (again Tiercel and Sundance).

Cup Day cruise – creeping inshore of Swan Spit, to the submarine.

Some video clips from our races are on YouTube, with links here.

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