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Published Wed 06 Mar 2024

Jack Beazley – a life well lived!

8th June 1929 – 26 February 2024

Most of Queenscliff knows of Jack Beazley, an identity to be remembered with stories that would fill an encyclopedia of life in the old town and its heritage back through his parentage in the mid 1800’s. Jack lived his life to the full, as a youngster around his favourite place in Queenscliff and through his whole life around fishing, boat building, sailing and as a professional Sea Pilot.

One of the closest spots to, and opposite his home is the Queenscliff Lonsdale Yacht Club and for Jack formerly the Swan Bay Boat Club overlooking Swan Bay! As a member of QLYC he spent endless hours around the place amongst some of the now famous older faces in Queenscliff enjoying companionship and the sport of sailing with the club.

Jack worked for Port Phillip Sea Pilots for 49 years 9 months as a ship wright and has seen firsthand the progression from clinker boats that used to transfer pilots from cutters to the high-speed launches that are used today.

Jack came from a long line of fishermen who commercially fished in the Queenscliff vicinity since the 1860s. He was the grandson of Walter Todd who fished out of Queenscliff between 1890 and 1940 and the nephew of Jocka, who both fished and played for the Geelong Football Club.

Jack was a familiar face around QLYC and the club grounds as in recent years he attended almost daily with friends walking with their dogs and enjoying the serenity of Swan Bay.

Jack attended QLYC’s 75th year luncheon at the club as one of his last outings before his illness, taking on his usual outgoing personality amongst old sailing friends and members.

In all, QLYC members and friends will remember Jack as a convivial gentleman with a passion for his town and his club. He lived long and sailed well and forever on smooth seas and with the wind before him!

Vale Jack and rest well dear friend!

From all at QLYC.



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